Air Cooler PCB Board Assembly

Layer: 1-24 layers

Base Material: FR4

Surface Finishing: Lead-Free HASL/ENIG/Gold Finger/OSP

Finish copper thickness: 1.5OZ

Finished Board THK: 1.6MM

Min. Line Width/Space: 3/3mil

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Air cooler is a heat exchanger that uses air to cool hot fluid.

Air cooler is a heat exchanger that uses air to cool hot fluid. The heat flow body in the tube exchanges heat with the air outside the tube through the tube wall and fins, and the air used is usually supplied by the ventilator.

Air coolers can be used for cooling or condensation, which are widely used in: the condensation of steam at the top of oil refining and petrochemical towers; the cooling of reflux oil and tower bottom oil; the cooling of various reaction products; the cooling of circulating gas and the condensation of exhaust gas of steam turbines in power plants.

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From PCB Design, PCB Layout, PCB Fabricate, Components supplying,Full Assembly to final product Testing / Package .

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We are specially dedicate to automotive, medical, industrial,household appliances and telecommunication PCBA and electronic products finished assembly.

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Most of our customers are mainly from Europe, Middle East, America and Russia.

Our aim is to provide one-stop electronic manufacturing services to our customers.

Save time and money for our customers by our professional technical, rich experience and the supply chain resources

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