Anion Car Air Purifier PCB Assembly

Layers: 1-30 layers printed circuit board

Board Material: FR4, CEM-3, CEM-1, Aluminum

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm

Min. Line Width: 0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm

Surface Finishing: HASL lead free

Solder Mask type: Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/Customized 

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Anion car Air Purifier PCB design, SMT Assembly manufacture with high quality supplier in china
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Car air purifier refers to the air purification equipment specially used to purify PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc.), peculiar smell, bacteria and viruses in the air of the vehicle.

The anion air purifier can simulate the principle of nature to generate the ecological level Anion equivalent to nature by adopting the technology of ecological anion generation chip and the technology of nano fullerene anion releaser, which is confirmed by many experts in the field of air environmental protection of the United Nations The ecological anions can actively capture the small particles of fine dust, make them agglomerate and precipitate, effectively remove the fine dust of 2.5 μ m (PM2.5) and below, or even 1 μ m particles in the air, so as to reduce the harm of PM2.5 to human health, The purification effect of ecological anions on air is due to the combination of anions with positive particles such as bacteria, dust and smoke in the air, and the aggregation of them into a ball to reduce the harm of PM2.5. The results show that the smaller the diameter of dust is, the easier it is to be precipitated by anions.

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