Auto Door Control PCB Printed Circuit Board

Layers : 2-30 layers printed circuit board

Board Material: FR4

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Board Thickness:   1.6mm

Min. Hole Size:     0.15mm

Min. Line Width:    0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing:  0.1mm

Solder Mask type:  Green/Blue/Yellow/Red etc…

Board Thickness Tolerance:  ±10%

PCB Test: 100% Testing

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Automatic door controller is a kind of intelligent multi-functional manual, wireless remote control dual-purpose electric door controller designed by digital technology. The electric door controller has good intelligent judgment function and high reliability. It is the first choice of automatic control equipment in the current electric expansion door system.

Our service including:

1.Fast PCB fabrication of samples and mass production; Available on FR4 and Aluminum.

2.Electronic components purchasing service.

3.PCB Assembly service: available on SMT,BGA,DIP.

4.PCBA Test service


Products application:

-Household appliance

-Medical products

-Automotive products

-Industrial products

-Consumer electronics

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