GPS Tracking PCB Circuit Board Assembly

Layer: 1-36 layers

Base Material: FR4

Solder mask color:Customized

Surface Finishing:Lead-Free HASL/ENIG/Gold Finger/OSP

Finish:copper thickness 1.5 OZ

Board THK:1.6MM

Min. Line Width/Space:3/3mil


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GPS tracking positioner uses GPS satellite positioning terminal to accurately locate, track in real time, monitor in long distance, and prevent theft and robbery.

GPS tracking and positioning instrument is also suitable for positioning and monitoring of vehicles, valuables and pets. The utility model has the advantages of small size, fashionable appearance, durability and high positioning accuracy.

Through mobile phone, network and PDA, you can query the target location anytime and anywhere, track the target moving direction in real time and monitor the sound within 5-15m around, no matter whether the target is in the room or basement.

GPS Tracking Application:

Vehicle scheduling

Anti theft and anti robbery

data acquisition

Video surveillance

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