Layers: 12
Thickness: 2.0 + / – 0.15 mm
Plate used: FR4 SY
Minimum aperture: 0.1mm
Surface treatment: ENIG
BGA size: 0.25mm
Minimum line width/distance: 0.13mm/0.15mm
Blind hole structure: 1-2,2-3,3-4,9-10,10-11, 11-12
BGA size: 0.25mm
Minimum line width/distance: 0.13mm/0.15mm
Blind hole structure: 1-2,2-3,3-4,9-10,10-11, 11-12


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The object of HDI is to achieve higher wiring density than conventional boards, and a central feature of the technology is the microvia, blind vias defined by hole diameters smaller than150µm and normally drilled by laser. The microvia only extends between two, or at most tree layers, and is usually used in combination with buried vias and regular conventional through-hole vias. A prime example of HDI technology is the BGA package itself which is a printed circuit board with extremely small features.


HDI: Printed circuit board with a higher wiring density per unit area than conventional printed circuit boards (PCB). They have finer lines and spaces (≤ 100 µm), smaller vias (≤ 150 µm), and capture pads (≤ 400 µm), and higher connection pad density (>20pads/cm2) than employed in conventional PCB technology.

Item Technical Parameter
Layer: 2-64
Thickness: 0.6-10mm
Copper Thickness: 0.3-12 oz
Min Mechanical Hole: 0.1mm
Min Laser Hole: 0.075mm
HDI : 1+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+3
Max Aspect Ratio: 18:1
Max Board Size: 610mm*1100mm
Min Width/Space : 2.4/2.4mil
Min Outline Tolerance : ±0.1mm
Impedance Tolerance : ±5%
Min PP Thickness : 0.06mm
Bow & Twist:≤0.5%
Materials : FR4, High-TG, Rogers, Nelco, RCC, PTFE
Surface Finished : HASL, HASL Pb Free
Immersion: Gold/Tin/Silver/OSP/Immersion Gold + OSP
Special Capability: Gold Finger Plating, Peelable, Carbon ink

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