High Density Com-express Main Control PCB Board Design

Pin number: 9298

Layers: 16L

Maximum signal rate: 2.5Gb/

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High Density Com-express Main Control PCB Board Design


The layout space of the project is very tight. The size of com-e basic reaches 9298pin. Due to the density of devices, the bottom layer of the whole board is all devices, and there are two DIMMs. Due to the space limitation, only one surface layer and one bottom layer can be used. The conventional through-hole design can not be realized. After consulting with the customer, the blind buried hole design is allowed. Finally, the 16 layer plate and 2-step blind buried hole design are adopted. At the beginning, the project was designed by another supplier of the customer, but the evaluation result of the supplier was that the design could not come out. After that, our company evaluated it and could do it. Finally, the design was completed.


1. Schematic diagram of surface device layout

2. Schematic diagram of bottom device layout

3. Overall layout and wiring diagram

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