High Frequency Printed Circuit Board for Communication

Base Material:FR4  

Copper Thickness:1OZ

Board Thickness: 3.5+/-0.3mm       

Min. Hole Size:0.2mm

Min. Line Width:0.1mm 

Min. Line Spacing:0.1mm

Tolerance of Impedance Control: 5%     

PCB standard:IPC-A-610 D


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With the coming of 5G era, high Frequency multi-layer circuit board will play a huge role in the future communication industry. Our excellent engineering team will provide the best service for our customers.

Our Service

1,Rogers,taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola long-term strategic partner

2,Can provide the communication industry customers with quality materials and related resources, fundamentally control the quality of products

3, Equipped for the communication industry with Plasma degumming machine, ultra-long plate parallel exposure machine, exposure length up to 2M

4,The exquisite process ability, satisfies the communication PCB manufacturing requirement

5,Excellent engineering team, make sure the stability of high-frequency board

6,Strict quality control system, effective protection of product performance


Q: What are the risks of using an expired PCB?

1, Expired PCB may cause oxidation of pad on PCB surface

Oxidation of the pad will lead to poor solder, which may eventually lead to functional failure

2, Expired PCB may burst due to moisture

3. Outdated PCB may degrade due to their binding ability

Q: How do I pick the appropriate package size?

It is important to choose the appropriate package size while in the PCB design phase. Ideally, you would only choose smaller packages when there is a good reason to; otherwise, lean toward bigger options. In too many cases, electrical engineers choose unnecessarily small component packages. This can create issues in terms of assembly yield, as it is more difficult to touch up and rework smaller components. Depending on the amount of rework needed, it may be more cost-effective to completely rebuild the board the remove and solder on new components.

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