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Flex Rigid PCB For Automotive industiral

Layer Counts:  1–10L

Min. Line Width:  0.05mm

Min. Hole Size:   0.15mm PTH

Min. PTH Hole Ring:  0.45mm

Min. Gap between Cover Layer and Pad:  0.1mm

Min. Gap between Trace and Outline: 0.2mm

Trace Width Tolerance: +/-0.05mm L≤ 25mm

Hole Size Tolerance:  +/-0.05mm

Stiffener and Outline Tolerance : +/-0.25mm

Surface Treatment: ENIG, Gold Plating, HAL, Plating Pb-Sn

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Elevator Controller Panel PCB

Service:PCB and SMT assembly with one-stop service

Material:FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC

Number of layers:1-30 Layers

Board thickness:1.6mm

Copper Thickness:1oz

Solder Mask:Green,white,black,red,blue,customized

Surface Finishing:HASL lead free

Function Test: 100% Functional test

PCBA Testing: X-ray, AOI Test, Functional test

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