Medical Equipement PCB Assembly

Medical Equipement PCB Assembly

Layers : 1-30 layers printed circuit board

Board Material :  FR4

Copper Thickness :  1oz

Board Thickness :  1.6mm

Min. Hole Size :   0.15mm

Min. Line Width :  0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing : 0.1mm

Solder Mask type :  Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/ Customized


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Medical Equipment PCB Assembly

Medical equipment is the most basic element of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, institution and clinical discipline, including professional medical equipment and household medical equipment.

Manufacture Details

Raw material control, components from original factory for critical components, such as relay, microchip, Optocoupler, etc

SMT & AI automatic assembly in workshop

ICT test & FCT test in assembly line

PCB Assembly 100% checked by the end of production line

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Shenzhen Kingda Electronics Co., Ltd is professional SMT,DIP,PCB Assembly manufacture in China with 10 years experience.

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The therapeutic effect on human body surface and body is not obtained by means of pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but medical devices play a certain auxiliary role. Medical devices in hospitals can be divided into three categories, namely diagnostic and therapeutic  different requirements for different grades of necessary medical devices.

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