Multilayer HDI PCB

Material: FR4 high TG

Base copper foil thickness: outer 1oz;The inner 1/3 oz Minimum line width/distance: 2mil/2mil

Minimum hole diameter: 0.2mm   

Minimum hole diameter of laser drilling: 0.075mm

Blind hole depth ratio: 1:1      

Maximum finished size: 500mm X600mm

Surface treatment: OSP + chemical Immersion gold      

Welding resistance color: green

Special technology: blind buried hole

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HDI is the abbreviation of high density interconnector. It is a kind of printed circuit board (PCB) production technology. It uses micro blind buried hole technology to produce PCB with high density. HDI is a compact product designed for small capacity users.

Product Advantages:

1.It can reduce the cost of PCB: when the density of PCB increases more than eight layers,

the cost of manufacturing with HDI will be lower than that of traditional complex pressing process.

2.Increase circuit density: interconnection between traditional circuit board and parts

3.Conducive to the use of advanced construction technology

4.Better electrical performance and signal correctness

5.Better reliability

6.Improved thermal properties

7.Improve RFI / EMI / ESD

8.Increase design efficiency

Company Advantage:

Our factory has over 10 years of experience in PCB production and assembly.

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The main market is in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

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