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RC Car Circuit Board

PCB Layers: 1 to 18layers

PCB Max working panel area: 800mmx 508mm

Min board thickness: 4 layer: 0.40mm ;6 layer: 0.80mm ; 8 layer: 1.00mm ;10 layer: 1.20mm

Min trace width: 0.1mm Min spacing:  0.1mm

Min hole diameter: 0.2mm

Min Copper thickness in hole: 0.02mm

PTH size tolerance : ±2mil

NPTH size tolerance: ±1mil

Hole position tolerance : ±0.05mm

Registration of inner layer: ±3mil(75um)

Min drilling diameter: 0.15mm

Min diameter of finished hole: 0.1mm

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FR4 Immersion Gold Multilayer Pcb

PCB Layers:  1 to 30 Layers

Base Material:  FR-4

Min trace width:  0.1mm

Min Spacing:  0.1mm

Min Copper thickness in hole:  0.2mm

Pcb thickness coverage:  0.2 to 6.0mm

Min copper thickness in hole: 0.02mm

Solder mask type: Blue,Green,Black,Yellow,Red,White…

Surface finish: ENIG, Gold plating, Immersion silver, Immersion tin etc.

Quote Requirements for PCB & PCB Assembly project:Gerber File and Bom List.

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