PCB Assembly For Car Navigation Equipment

Layers: 2-30 layers printed circuit board

Board Material :  FR4

Copper Thickness:  1oz

Board Thickness :  1.6mm

Min. Hole Size:  0.15mm

Min. Line Width:  0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing:  0.1mm

Surface Finishing :  HASL /lead free

Solder Mask type :  Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/Customized

Board Thickness Tolerance: ±10%

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PCB Assembly For Car Navigation Equipment

Navigation equipment refers to navigation and guidance devices used in navigation, aviation, astronomy, hydrology, land transportation and other aspects


Navigation equipment refers to navigation and guidance devices used in navigation, aviation, astronomy, hydrology, land transportation and other aspects. The terminal products can be generally divided into: navigation, measurement, timing, direction finding, etc. Satellite navigation is widely used in geographic data acquisition, mapping, vehicle monitoring and dispatching and navigation services, aviation and navigation, military, time and synchronization, mechanical control, mass consumption applications and other major fields.

Brief Introduction Of Our Company:

Shenzhen Kingda Electronics Co.,Ltd-GOPCBA, a PCBA manufacture with 10 years of experience, our factory located in Shenzhen, has 200 workers, 4000m2 PCB production capabilities daily, now we are serving BMW, HUWEI, BYD and MG.

We always adhere to the highest quality with our top brand machinery and well-trained workers, have QC inspect every process of production using our first-class testing machine. Buz we have our own factory so we enjoy the highest competitiveness of price and after-service. Should you interested in buying from us, please contact us right away, now all new customers enjoy a special 5% discount during Holidays Season, don’t miss it.

Testing Service:

GOPCBA offers a full range of testing services. Including:

AOI/Fuction TestingIn/ Circuit Testing/X-Ray For BGA Testing/3D Paste Thickness Test

Each board is carefully examined by our dedicated inspection team using AOI and high magnification viewers.

Using our X-Ray machine, we test PCBs to component level and all wiring is fully inspected and tested.

Flash testing and earth bonding tests can also be undertaken where required.


Payment Terms:

Generally we accept the following payment methods: credit card, T/T, LC.


We will send the items within 2-5 working days (Not Holiday Seasons) after the payment being confirmed by the platform.When you receive the items you ordered, in 24 hours, please check it carefully. Please contact us directly if you have any problems.

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