PCB Fabrication Capability

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                                                            PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly Capability
PCB & PCBA Mass capability Sample capability
Number of layers 2-36L 2-36L
Plate type FR-4,Ceramic Sheet,Aluminum Base Sheet PTFEHalogen Free Sheet High Tg Sheet,Rogers,Teflon PTFE.PPO,PPE,E-65
Sheet mixing  4 layers -6 layers 6th – 8th 
Biggest size 610mm X1100mm  610mm X1500mm 
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.13mm   +0.10mm
Plate thickness range   0.2mm–8.00mm  0.2mm–10.00mm
Thickness tolerance(t≥0.8mm)  ±8%   ±5%
Thickness tolerance(t<0.8mm)  ±10%  ±8%
Minimum line width  0.10mm  0.075mm
Minimum spacing  0.10mm  0.075mm
Outer copper thickness  1/3oz–20/oz  1/3oz–30/oz
Inner layer copper thickness  1/3oz–20/oz 1/3oz–30/oz
Drillina hole diameter mechanical drill  0.25mm–6.00mm   0.15mm–0.25mm
Hole diameter (mechanical drill)  0.10mm–6.00mm  0.10mm–0.20mm
Hole Tolerance(Mechanical Drill  0.05mm 0.05mm


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