Power Supply Aluminum Printed Circuit Board

Base Material: Aluminum        

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Size: 0.3mm

Min. Line Width: 0.075mm    

Min. Line Spacing: 0.075mm

Surface Finishing: LF HASL      

Standard: IPC-A-610G

Tolerance of finished panel thickness: ±10% 


Why Us?

  • High Quality
  • Quick Response
  • Reasonable Price

Based on the excellent heat dissipation of aluminum PCB, which is widely use for the high-power power supply printed circuit board, our company has 10 years of experience in specialized production of single-sided aluminum PCB and double-sided aluminum PCB.


1.Indoor and outdoor commercial lighting

2. General lighting

3. Automotive lights

4. LCD TV / monitor backlights

5. LED display

6. Traffic Light


1.Low cost with higher ratio of function and price;

2.Energy efficient and environment friendly;

3.Better heat-sink design, lights temperature won’t be higher than 45℃;

4.Swivel base to adjust angle you need;

5.Isolated driver, reach international security standard, which is developed by our R&D center;

6.Use Lumen Max, directly from Taiwan


What is lead time?

A: Single/Double Sided:10 to 14 working days

4-8 Layers:12 to 14 working days

More than 8 layers:14 to 20 working days

The lead time is depends on your final confirmed quantity.

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