Vehicle GPS Tracker PCBA

Layers: 2-36 layers printed circuit board

Board Material: FR4

Copper Thickness: 1oz

Board Thickness:   1.6mm

Min. Hole Size:      0.15mm

Min. Line Width:    0.1mm

Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm

Solder Mask type: Green/Blue/Yellow/Red        

Board Thickness Tolerance:  ±10%

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Now, people more and more aware of the importance and its application in the field of GPS function, in addition to military applications, it has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, navigation, survey, le, and many other fields.

With GPS receiver plate prices falling and the continuous improvement of its performance, the GPS application in car alarm system is becoming more common, when the car is stolen, GPS system can provide the location of the stolen vehicle, so as to cooperate with the police give rapid response, to fight crime.

Company Brief Introduction

Shenzhen Kingda Electronics Co., Ltd-GOPCBA, a PCBA manufacture with 10 years of experience, our factory located in Shenzhen, has 200 workers, 1000m2 PCB production capabilities daily, 6 high-speed production line,2 DIP line and 2 box build line. And equipped with AOI, XRAY, SPI, intelligent first tester. We have professional PCB designer for your PCB layout requirement. We design single, double, and multi layers , Rigid, flexible, Flex-Rigid printed circuit boards, and PCB assembly, now we are serving BMW, HUWEI, BYD and MG and so on.

We always adhere to the highest quality with our top brand machinery and well-trained workers, have QC inspect every process of production ensuring quality before shipment. We guarantee that the pass rate of our products is 99.9%, and all our products enjoy a 1 year warranty.

We have our own factory so we enjoy the highest competitiveness of price and after-service, Should you interested in coopeating with us, please contact us right away, now all new customers enjoy a special 5% discount during Holidays Season, don’t miss it.

Kingda GOPCBA Advantage
1) We do PCB from double side up to 32-layer Multilayer PCB, HDI jobs.
2) If you have repeat orders from other suppliers, and you want to transfer to GOPCBA, we can accept FREE OF TOOLING.
3) Except excellent quality and professional service, we also pay every detail for our customers, for example package to use Desiccant packs & moisture indicator in vacuum-sealed pack to protect PCB.
4) Material: We have FR4 TG135/TG158/TG180 normal material in stock, also have FR1/ FR2/ FR3/ CEM1/ CEM3/ ROGERS/ ARLON/ ISOLA.
5) Rigid / flex/ flex-rigid PCBs with UL approved.
6) Flexible,quickly feedback for customers always.
7) Quickly offer will be less then 4 hours, Some top urgent inquiry we can offer within 1hour.

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