Components Purchasing

Component procurement is a crucial part of PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing.

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PCB Assembly Specialists

Large assembly capabilities, which span from BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN and leadless packages.
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Fast Turn Times

Fast prototype PCB assembly with Kitted, Hybrid and Turn-key options available, order and quote online at any time, as quick as 24 hours with 98% on time delivery.
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Turnkey & Quality

X-ray Inspection, AOI, Functional Testing, Fabrication, Part procurement and assembly. Boards come back to ready to go, quick and easy!
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Delivery Guarantee

Time is money, with PCBWay’ delivery guarantee we will ensure you get what you need when you need it.


Component procurement is a crucial part of PCB assembly. With our highly trained team, we can find various PCB components. We inspect each component shipment to ensure premium quality for PCB manufacturing.

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Authorized distributors

We purchase all of our components from certified distributors. We form bonds with each of our suppliers to ensure that we only provide the best parts.

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Cost-effective solutions

We get our components from consistent sources, and we offer the lowest prices we can while still providing quick, quality service.

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Certified quality

We follow strict ISO quality guidelines to maintain our ISO registration.

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Hard to find components

We have a group of vetted broker contacts capable of finding even the toughest components.

PCB components sourcing

High-quality Component Standards

When sourcing components, it is essential to understand quality standards to ensure that PCB components meet the desired requirements. Quality standards refer to criteria used to evaluate components and determine whether they are suitable for use in a particular application. Quality standards can vary depending on the components being evaluated and the intended purpose of the components. Common quality standards for printed circuit board (PCB) parts include materials specifications, product performance tests, and environmental requirements. By understanding these quality standards and selecting components that meet or exceed them, we can ensure components are reliable and fit for purpose.