Network Analyzer PCB Assembly

Material:FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC

Number of layers:1-30 Layers

Board thickness:1.6mm

Copper Thickness:1oz

Solder Mask:Green,white,black,red,blue,customized

Surface treatment: HASL\OSP\ENIG\ENIS

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Network analyzer is a new instrument for measuring network parameters

Network analyzer is a new instrument for measuring network parameters. It can directly measure the complex scattering parameters of active or passive, reversible or irreversible two port and single port networks, and give the amplitude and phase frequency characteristics of each scattering parameter in sweep frequency mode. The automatic network analyzer can correct the measurement results point by point, and convert dozens of other network parameters, such as input reflection coefficient, output reflection coefficient, VSWR, impedance (or admittance), attenuation (or gain), phase shift, group delay and other transmission parameters, as well as isolation and directionality.

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