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We attach great importance to quality and have a strict testing system

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Large assembly capabilities, which span from BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN and leadless packages.
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Fast prototype PCB assembly with Kitted, Hybrid and Turn-key options available, order and quote online at any time, as quick as 24 hours with 98% on time delivery.
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X-ray Inspection, AOI, Functional Testing, Fabrication, Part procurement and assembly. Boards come back to ready to go, quick and easy!
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Time is money, with PCBWay’ delivery guarantee we will ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Our Quality Testing Methods

PCB testing represents a fundamental step in the electronic design process, able to save a lot of time and money, identifying possible defects affecting the circuit before it reaches final production. PCB assembly testing methods are an integral part of the manufacturing process. Kinda offers a variety of PCB testing methods, but the six main types include:

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In-circuit testing

This test involves using fixed probes laid out in a way that matches the design of the PCB. The probes checks the integrity of the solder connection.

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Flying probe testing

Flying probe testing is a tried-and-true option that’s less expensive than in-circuit testing. It’s a nonpowered type of test that checks for: Opens, Shorts, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Diode issues.

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Automated optical inspection (AOI)

AOI uses either a single 2D camera or two 3D cameras to take photos of the PCB. The program then compares the photos of your board to a detailed schematic. If there is a board that does not match the schematic to a certain degree, the board is flagged for inspection by a technician.

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Burn-in testing

Burn-in testing is a more intense type of testing for PCBs. It’s designed to detect early failures and establish load capacity. Because of its intensity, burn-in testing can be destructive to the parts being tested.

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X-Ray inspection

X-ray testing can check elements that are usually hidden from view, such as connections and ball grid array packages with solder joints underneath the chip package.

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Functional testing

Uses this to verify that the product will power up. This test does require a few things:
1)External pieces of equipment
3)Requirements for UL, MSHA, and other standards