Vehicle Mounted Millimeter Wave Radar PCB Assembly

Vehicle Mounted Millimeter Wave Radar PCB Assembly

Materials FR-4/CEM-1/CEM-3/Aluminum

Layer: Customized

Board   Thickness : 0.2mm-0.4mm

Board Thickness :  Tolerance +/-10%

Copper   Thickness :  17.5um-175um(0.5oz-5oz)

Min Trace Width :  0.15mm

Min Space Width : 0.15mm

Min Drilling Dia : 0.2mm

Soldermask :   Green,red,blue,white,black,yellow,etc.

Suface Finish :   Plating HASL/Lead Free HASL/OSP/Gold Plating/Immersion Gold/ENIG

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Vehicle Mounted Millimeter Wave Radar PCB Assembly

Millimeter wave radar, which works in millimeter wave, usually refers to 30-300ghz (wavelength 1-10 mm) bandMillimeter wave radar has been widely used in radar detection, high-speed communication, missile guidance, satellite remote sensing, electronic countermeasure and other military fields.

Our service including:

  1. Fast PCB fabrication of samples and mass production; Available on FR4 and Aluminum.
  2. Electronic components purchasing service.
  3. PCB Assembly service: available on SMT,BGA,DIP.
  4. PCBA Test service

Products application:

-Household appliance

-Medical products

-Automotive products

-Industrial products


The wavelength of millimeter wave is between centimeter wave and light wave. Compared with infrared, laser, television and other optical radars, millimeter wave radar has a strong ability to penetrate fog, smoke, dust and has the characteristics of all-weather and all-weather.

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